I've spent 10 years working as a freelance copywriter. Today, my clients call me for an ethically-driven perspective and editorial rigour for websites, concepts, reports, and more. 

My client list includes Barkas, WS Audiology, Marshall Headphones, IKEA,, The Central, PANDORA, Lululemon Athletica, LEGO, Hôtel Vetements, and more.

Find a selection of my work below.

2021 Campaign

CPH:DOX is one of the world's most renowned documentary festivals. For this year's festival campaign, they wanted to clarify what they stand for — and make room for underrpresented voices to take the mic.

Barkas hired me to co-write the campaign manifesto. I also created the tagline — 'Don't Just Watch. Listen.'

Photo by Barkas.

Freelance copywriter and journalist — Film

IKEA Social Entrepreneurship — Film

IKEA Social Entrepreneurship aims to improve marginalised people's livelihoods around the world.
In 2020, Barkas hired me to write the script for a film sharing the story behind the program.

Freelance copywriter and journalist — music

Highpass —

Highpass is a platform for discovering quality events in Copenhagen without compromising on privacy. It's simple, so that you can quickly get what you came for: the information you need to attend. With Highpass, there's no algorithm, user accounts, tracking cookies, advertising, or notifications. There's just events.

I wrote the website copy and co-created the positioning. —
Article is a platform empowering content creators to turn their passion into their livelihoods. (Think Patreon, but with more insights for creators.) 

The company hired me to write them an article to answer one question: will the end of the pandemic mean the end of digital creators?

Freelance copywriter and journalist — digital marketing
Freelance copywriter and journalist — Fashion

Hôtel Vetements — Website

Hôtel Vetements is a French-Danish love affair by Alexandra Hartmann. A fashion brand born out of a wish to revive discarded treasures: vintage fabrics which weave a rich story of fantasy and craftsmanship. A project about transporting the art of memory and storytelling into delicately crafted, one-of-a-kind pieces.

I crafted the key story and social media bio, and wrote most of the website copy. 

Marshall Headphones — Article

Besides creating high-quality music gear and accessories for those who like it loud, Marshall also publish city guides.
I wrote 'Guided by Music: Nørrebro' — an article helping music lovers find the best bars, venues, and eats in Copenhagen's most eclectic neighbourhood.

Photo via Marshall.

Freelance copywriter and journalist — Marshall Headphones

IKEA World Refugee Day — Campaign

For World Refugee Day 2021, IKEA tasked Barkas with coming up with the furniture giant's global communication concept to mark the day. Barkas hired me to help with the campaign: I co-created the concept, messaging, taglines, film, activations, and social assets.

Internal Report

In 2017, the global jewelry brand hired me to write a high-level, internal report about women. Specifically, they wanted to find out how women's lives have changed over the past few decades, what that means for our buying power — and what women expect from brands.

Photo via PANDORA. 

Freelance copywriter and journalist — PANDORA
Freelance copywriter and journalist — IKEA —

In 2021, Barkas hired me to write an article explaining how IKEA works with recycled polyester to create a range of products — such as textiles.  

Polina Bachlakova
Writer, Editor and Activist
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