Pun fanatic.

Hi. I'm Polina — a Canadian writer who aims to amplify marginalised voices in my daily life. I do this through my journalism, copywriting, editorial work, and activism. 

Currently, I work at the European Environment Agency as a writer and editor. But over the past 10 years, I've held leading editorial positions at media companies, innovation labs, and boutique design studios. I've written for publications such as the BBC, VICE and openDemocracy. And I've developed a portfolio of diverse copywriting clients who call me when they're looking for three things: an editorially-driven approach, sharp and quick writing, and an ethical backbone. If that sounds like you, feel free to get in touch.

My activism focuses on sex workers' rights. For years, I served as a volunteer and Board Member of The Red Van NGO; we provide a mobile safe space for sex workers in Copenhagen. I also write and edit for Bedside Productions, a company that produces films and content to manifest different takes on sex, eroticism, and intimacy. Last but not least, I'm the founder of BITE ME — a newsletter about food and feminism.

Fun facts: I like the shape of collarbones, and dislike the sickly scratchiness of writing in pencil. 

Based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Polina Bachlakova freelance copywriter and journalist

Photo by Ed Gumuchian

Polina Bachlakova
Writer, Editor and Activist
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